Author Visits

Jennifer Swanson Non Fiction Children's Book Author Let award-winning author Jennifer Swanson engage and inspire your students. She’ll help them to become creative writers, thinkers, and will encourage their imaginations to SOAR WITH SCIENCE through her interactive programs. All programs can be tailored to fit audience level.

All visits are correlated to Florida State Sunshine Standards, Common Core, and the Next Generation Science Standards.
21 Ways to Fund Author Visits by Carmen Oliver


In Person Only

The Science All Around You

(Grades K-5), 50 min, serves up to 150 students
How does a science writer think? Let’s find out! Students will take a nature walk with your mind. With vivid pictures, students will learn to dissect images and see how authors get ideas for books just by walking around and noticing things. Includes talk about notebooks and tips for active, exciting writing.

Digging Deep into Research

Grades 3-8, 50+ min, serves up to 100 students
Robots, Brains, and Nanotech…oh my! Discover the secrets of how a nonfiction author chooses interesting and unique topics and fun facts that make you go “Hmmmm….”. Students will help come up with interesting and unique titles, subjects, and put them to the test with a vote. Keys tips for research and revising are all covered in this instructive and enlightening program. Lots of examples and interactive questions for students.

Fact or Fiction?

(Grades 2 and up) 50 minutes, serves up to 150 students
Think you know the facts? Think again. Sometimes what you think you know and what is actually true are two very different things. In this interactive presentation, students will be challenged to discover true facts vs. fiction and learn how important research is to a nonfiction author. Includes 5 steps to making your writing sparkle regardless of what which genre you write and examples of actual application in a nonfiction book!

Brain Games!

(Grades K-8) 50 minutes, serves up to 150+ students
This exciting, interactive program focuses on what makes you YOU- your brain! Uses examples and activities from the award-winning book and TV show help students understand the supercomputer housed inside their head.

For smaller groups:

Writers’ Workshop

Grades 4- 8, No more than 50 students
Small groups of students join me for an in-depth look at writing, focusing on point of view, setting, voice and choosing a topic.


**** Can only be booked after Jan 9, 2018****


Grades 2-5, 50 min, serves up to 150 students
Why do we explore? And which is better, space or under the sea? Let’s debate. With interactive questions and lots of pictures, students will compare and contrast the benefits of each extreme environment. Then we’ll put that knowledge to the test with a debate! This exciting program will spark their imagination to have them soaring into space or diving deep into the ocean of exploration and writing.


Grades K-2, 40 min, serves up to 90 students
This version of the UP or DOWN presentation is geared especially for the younger crowd. Through interactive participation and maybe even a song- they will learn what astronauts and aquanauts do. Vivid pictures. Lots of movement, and emphasis on reading involved in this fun activity. Kids will leave wanting to be a great explorer!!

2017 – 2018 FEES

In Person School Visit

Half-day (within 50 miles of Jacksonville, FL only): Two sessions for $500.
All day: Up to FOUR sessions for $900, plus travel expenses.
Feel free to coordinate with other schools in your area, as I will be glad to pro-rate travel expenses if an Author Visit is scheduled in the same area within the same week.

Skype Visit 15-20 minute introductory visit: FREE (limit 1 per school)