Jennifer Swanson offers dynamic and interactive presentations
for all types of festivals.

Current Festival Programs

Do YOU have what it takes to be a HUMAN Crash-test Dummy?

Grades 1-8, 50 min, serves up to 150 students
Based on my award-winning Save the Crash-test Dummies book, this program introduces students to STEM, specifically engineering principles and history as they learn about the ways in which cars are made safer. STEM/STEAM tie-ins to history, engineering, as well as ELA as we talk about how best to present this information to others. Very interactive and TONS of fun!

Astronaut or Aquanaut?

Grades 2-5, 50 min, serves up to 150 students
Why do we explore? And which is better, space or under the sea? Let’s debate. With interactive questions and lots of pictures, students will compare and contrast the benefits of each extreme environment. Then we’ll put that knowledge to the test with a debate! This exciting program will spark their imagination to have them soaring into space or diving deep into the ocean of exploration and writing.

If you have a specific science or literacy-related program that you’d like Jennifer to, please contact her.

Here’s  a few festivals where you can find Jennifer Swanson!

National Science Teachers Assoc
Atlantic Science Festival
World Science Festival
National Book Festival Library of Congress
Literacy Festival at Florida Gulf coast University
Tucson Festival of Books
Sheboygan Book Festival
Books By the Banks
April is for Authors book Fest
Jacksonville Science Festival

Jennifer visited Atlanta for the Atlanta Science Festival in 2019 and captivated us all. Her presentation on her book Astronaut or Aquanaut sparked excitement and curiosity from everyone in the room - kids and adults alike! We can't wait to have her back for future Festivals!

Meisa Salaita, PhD
Executive Co-Director & Co-Founder, Science ATL - engineers of Atlanta Science Festival