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Junior Library Guild Gold Standard Award Astronauts Aquanauts Astronaut Aquanaut has been awarded the 2018 Gold Standard Award from the Junior Library Guild

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Coming highly recommended and a well known author/editor in the genre of my manuscript, I engaged Jennifer to perform the autopsy. Well, it wasn't quite dead but I certainly had beat it nearly to death. What I received was amazing! She provided an in-depth constructive evaluation, identifying grammar, pacing, some developmental needs for the character

Linda C. Carpenter

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Jennifer Swanson Non Fiction Children's Book Author
Let award-winning author Jennifer Swanson engage and inspire your students. She’ll help them to become creative writers, thinkers, and will encourage their imaginations to SOAR WITH SCIENCE through her interactive programs.

All programs are correlated to Florida State Sunshine Standards, Common Core, and the Next Generation Science Standards. Find Out More