Kathleen Walsh
STEM Director, St. Thomas Aquinas School
June 25, 2018

After Jennifer’s presentation without fail each grade level teacher thanked me and stated that the students were highly engaged during Brain Games. I was so happy that I was able to book Jennifer to our school. I knew that I had made the right call when so many teachers and students had cool comments to say about her and her very hip science!

Finally, Jennifer also offered a Writers’ Workshop for our Advanced Language Arts and STEM students. She gave the kids some really good information about how to tackle research for a paper. I actually took notes myself because her ideas were that useful!

KK Cherney
Librarian Chets Creek Elementary School
June 25, 2018

Jennifer Swanson (author extraordinare) has visited my school several times and I have never been disappointed. She is one of a kind when it comes to her writing and presentation style. My kids are always wowed and every time inspired to become non-fiction readers and writers.

Her expertise and knowledge of so many topics will impress students, teachers and scientists. I am forever grateful for this amazing and gifted soul that has never disappointed any audience.

Jane Myers
Principal Defiance Elementary School
June 25, 2018

Ms Swanson is one of THE best speakers we have ever hosted. Her content (Astronauts) was the perfect tie in to our Right to Read Week. The manner in which she actively engaged our LARGE student population was amazing. As a principal, I have booked many speakers for our students who are very knowledgeable about their content; but can not command the attention of 200 1st graders for 45 minutes. Ms Swanson has both of those abilities. She spoke to our entire student body, 1200 students, in groups of 200 and was able to touch on areas with each group that was relevant to their science curriculum. You would be remiss if you did not consider having Jennifer Swanson participate in your event.

Stefanie Macfarlane
PTA President
January 8, 2018

Thank you for coming to talk about all things science with our 2nd through 5th graders at Crystal Lake Elementary! The students loved playing Brain Games, Fact or Fiction and learning about how science surrounds us. You bring a wonderful energy to your presentations that inspires students to learn more about writing and science. It’s a unique and wonderful combination that we recommend to other schools looking for great programs.

Doreen Brady
Avon Grove Charter School
February 2, 2016

Thank you for your time. The kids LOVED the Skype visit. Several told me that that you helped them realize how fun it is to write nonfiction. They found what you shared to be very motivating. We’ve posted the photo on our school’s Facebook page. I appreciated your enthusiasm and help. Thank you!

Brain Games school visit

Kara LaGrassa
Librarian, St. Agnes School Arlington, VA
Brain Games school visit
December 7, 2015

Thank you so much for coming to our school to talk about the science all around us, and inside us — our brains!

How our brains respond to stimuli, and which brain regions control different body and mood functions could be dry for kids because it’s complicated. But, you made it easy to understand, super interesting, and really fun. Time flew by and the kids and teachers were left wanting more!

So many students came up to me for days after your visit and told me how cool it was. They ask me every week in Library class if we can play more brain games!

And, we have fun referring back to what we learned from you: when it’s time to quiet down, we “de-activate” the speech center of our brains; when it’s time to focus on a task, we activate the high-order thinking center of our brains; and when I want students to remember something, we activate the memory center of our brains.

Thank you again for spending the day with us. I would highly recommend to any teacher, librarian or Parent-Teacher-Organization to book a presentation with you now!

Nita Hurley
May 4, 2015

Thank you Jennifer for sharing your love of science and writing with our students. The students
were able to see how they can connect passions in their lives in a whole new way! Students
loved hearing about your unique science books as well as hearing about what it takes to be an
author. It has truly inspired our students to see themselves as authors as well. Thank you for
your inspiration!

Discovery Montessori School
May 4, 2015

Jennifer provided a fantastic presentation to our students. From 1st thru 6th grade, our students were able all that being an author entails.

Jennifer’s love of science as well as writing has provided her with the unique opportunity to engage students in creative way. We loved having Jennifer on campus and we would welcome her back!

Elizabeth D. Smith
Media Specialist, Emma Love Hardee Elementary School
Fernandina Beach, FL
March 18, 2015

Thank you for visiting Emma Love Hardee. We were delighted to have a visit from an author with your experience. Your books inspired questions from many of our students. Your books make science and technology fun and exciting to read about. We have 3rd, 4th and 5th graders and you were able to reach our students on each level. With our current emphasis on STEM, your books were a perfect fit for our school. Our students loved the disasters, grossness and exciting new technology in your books. They are also excited about your upcoming book Brain Games from National Geographic for Kids. Thank you again for coming to our school. Your visit was a hit with our students and teachers.

Reading Across America

Erin Preder
K-5 Librarian - Romeoville, IL
Reading Across America
March 7, 2015

Thank you for the delightful Skype visit today. It was so interesting to learn your eeewwww facts! Kiddos and I had a wonderful experience!

Skype in the Classroom!

Teacher in Qingdao, China
Skype in the Classroom!
March 7, 2015

Thank you so much for talking with grades 3, 4, and 5 today in China! My Grade 3 class made you a thank you sign. All the students loved talking and listening to you. It was really wonderful, and it got them very excited about literacy. You also mentioned editing, which is something they are all learning about in class. Very relevant! We have your picture printed out in our room so we can remember the conversation. You made our day!

Worldwide Skype

Worldwide Skype
March 5, 2015

I think that it’s pretty cool that although Jennifer Swanson is so far away we felt like she was right there in the room thanks to Skype. I think that the whole class enjoyed this experience and we all want to do it again!

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What Kids Are Saying.

What Kids Are Saying.
January 9, 2015

“I really enjoyed your book. It’s just so interesting to me and my whole family. I take your book
everywhere I go. I hope you come back to show us more.” — Jada

“I learned a lot. I had a blast, my first in school!! You taught me the skills I didn’t know and they
will be in my head forever.” — Kenyan

Writing Program

Mary Lee
Third Grade Teacher
Writing Program
January 9, 2015

Jennifer Swanson came to visit my 3rd grade class at Jacksonville Beach Elementary School. She took the time to answer every student’s question. She also reinforced the importance of the writing process and spent a lot of time talking about editing and revising.

Meeting a Real Author!

Michelle Stinson
Instructional Coach and Duval County Teacher of the Year 2007
Meeting a Real Author!
January 9, 2015

Thank you very much for visiting Henry F. Kite Elementary. The children were inspired after meeting a “real” author!
Your read aloud was wonderful as was your presentation on the story glove …. Thank you for taking time out of your schedule to not only share your book, but also to inspire future authors.