Kara LaGrassa
Librarian, St. Agnes School Arlington, VA
Brain Games school visit
December 7, 2015

Thank you so much for coming to our school to talk about the science all around us, and inside us — our brains!

How our brains respond to stimuli, and which brain regions control different body and mood functions could be dry for kids because it’s complicated. But, you made it easy to understand, super interesting, and really fun. Time flew by and the kids and teachers were left wanting more!

So many students came up to me for days after your visit and told me how cool it was. They ask me every week in Library class if we can play more brain games!

And, we have fun referring back to what we learned from you: when it’s time to quiet down, we “de-activate” the speech center of our brains; when it’s time to focus on a task, we activate the high-order thinking center of our brains; and when I want students to remember something, we activate the memory center of our brains.

Thank you again for spending the day with us. I would highly recommend to any teacher, librarian or Parent-Teacher-Organization to book a presentation with you now!