October 26, 2020

Jennifer Swanson delighted our students in several virtual author visits.

Her animated and informed presentations on a wide range of topics sparked students’ curiosity. Grades 1-2 were fascinated as they compared the training, tools, and jobs of science explorers in the book Astronaut/Aquanaut; grade 3-4 delighted in experiencing how the brain works with the book Brain Games; grades 5-7 enjoyed posing questions as they explored how nature inspires biomimetic design in the book Beastly Bionics; and out 8th grades tested their knowledge of physics while tracing the history of car safety design with the book Save the Crash Test Dummies. Captivating an audience in person can be difficult, but Jennifer Swanson’s ability to engage students in an interactive virtual presentation was commendable! Students left these author visit sessions energized and excited to explore further on their own. Science rocks!

Joan Lange, Director of Libraries
Annunciation Orthodox School